GOP Chairman, Ken Mehlman, made the talk show rounds on Sunday in order to dismiss Hillary Clinton as a woman who "seems to have a lot of anger." And what was Mehlman’s evidence of Clinton’s deep-seated anger? Her assertion that the Bush Administration is one of the worst in history and clearly out of step with mainstream America. Hmmm…. Do Clinton’s conclusions reflect anger, or an accurate assessment of an administration which has gutted the treasury, eroded the environment, added millions to the rolls of those without health insurance, botched this medicare prescription drug plan, increased those living in poverty, divided our society, rolled back our hard-earned civil rights and liberties, ruined our reputation, frayed our military, undermined our security, and overall weakened America? Perhaps, Mr. Mehlman, the Senator’s onto something. I think there are a lot of citizens who are mad as hell about what’s happening to a nation they love. Have you checked out the polls on how many folks believe this country is heading in the wrong direction?

Mehlman’s crude remarks are ridiculous in another way. He claims that the senator has "a very leftwing record" and that it does not reflect the values of most Americans. Hillary Clinton is against setting a timetable for withdrawal from the disastrous occupation of Iraq, and she hasn’t fought for universal health care. These two issues, as Paul Krugman points out in his strong column in yesterday’s New York Times, are majority positions. It is this extremist administration which is out of step with the values of most Americans. But, instead of tending to the nation’s needs, this White House sends out lockstep attack dogs like Mehlman.