I Think I Heard a Liberal Say

I Think I Heard a Liberal Say

For working in the shadows of K Street pay-to-play, here’s to The Hammer getting the slammer.


I think I heard a liberal say
To Ronnie Earle, “Hooray! Hooray!
Because you finally made my day
When you indicted Tom DeLay.
They’ll never fashion, come what may,
An ethics rule that he’d obey.
He works the shadowed shades of gray.
The moment that his side held sway,
He made the lobbyists on K
Just hire those who thought his way,
Then pay and pay and pay and pay.
For access, he did pay-to-play.
The Congress of the USA
Became the cages of Bombay.

“So here’s what I’d like for The Hammer:
A whole bunch of years in the slammer.”

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