The general says Islam’s God’s so small
He’s just an idol, not a god at all.
The man’s a moderate. Yes, you can cite
Much worse from zealots of the Christian right
(The gang that made a lapdog of Bush One,
And won the nomination for his son).
From Graham, Falwell, Robertson and such
You hear that Islam’s wicked, inasmuch
As evil was the Prophet’s stock in trade.
A worthy target of a great crusade,
He was, they say, a killer and a thief
Whose terroristic forces caused much grief.
It’s not just that Mohammed’s God is teeny,
Mohammed’s made to sound like Mussolini.
From Bush, this sort of language from these kooks
Produces just the mildest of rebukes.
He knows from Rev. Rove he has to keep
These shepherds happy, since he needs their sheep.
Another Bushie pooch lies still–perhaps
A different dog, but in the same old laps.