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November 24, 2003 Issue

Mike Davis asks why California burned, Honor Moore explores the consecration of Gene Robinson and Stuart Klawans reviews "The Revolutio…

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Letter From London

Early on the crisp morning of October 15, the archbishops of thirty-seven of the thirty-eight provinces of the Anglican Communion (known as primates) gathered in closed sess...

California Burning

The 52nd Congressional District of California, where I grew up, encompasses the eastern suburbs of San Diego as well as a vast hinterland of granite-bouldered mountains and ...

The Struggle for Russia

The arrest last month of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the principal owner of Russia's biggest oil company, Yukos, and the richest of the country's seventeen state-anointed billiona...

The Activist Primary

A day before the International Committee of the Red Cross announced it would reduce its presence in Iraq because the country was becoming increasingly dangerous, President B...

One Year and Counting

There will be a presidential election in a year, and it will come as no surprise that we hope Election Night 2004 ends early with the defeat of George W. Bush.




Colombia and Human Rights

The State Department, ignoring its own human rights reports, continues to assert that the Colombian government is complying with all conditions necessary for aid.

Books & the Arts

A Documentary Coup

The lights go down in the courtroom, a 16-millimeter projector shoots out its beam, and into the trial blazes evidence of an unprecedented nature: not a report of criminal e...

Diaghilev in Perm

Few Westerners have ever heard of Perm. A former czarist administrative center, rustbelt Soviet city and gateway to the gulag, Perm was long off-limits to foreigners.

Lost Causes

Nations, like individuals, sustain trauma, mourn and recover. And like individuals they survive by making sense of what has befallen them, by constructing a narrative of los...

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