I’ve written before about efforts to force ExxonMobile to join the growing mainstream Big Oil acceptance of the need for renewable energy. Well, there have been some successes but ExxonMobil is still the only oil giant refusing to invest in renewable energy.

Oil companies like Shell and BP are investing billions of dollars in clean, alternative energy sources that will bring down consumer costs, create new jobs and help save the environment. Meanwhile, ExxonMobil dismisses renewable energy despite repeated Congressional studies showing that we can wean ourselves of our oil dependence by increasing the use of homegrown power from wind and solar, geothermal, and biomass sources.

Instead, ExxonMobil dumps its staggering profits ($10.26 billion in ’06, just shy of 2005’s record $10.36 billion.) into more long-term oil and gas projects, including some of the dirtiest forms of hard-to-get oil around.

Given ExxonMobil’s short-sighted and selfish position on one of the most pressing issues of our time, including its continued funding of global warming denial groups, it’s critical to spread the word of the corporation’s misdeeds.

Yes, the company has at least rhetorically bowed to reason and acknowledged that global warming is a “serious issue.” This public position was undercut however in May of 2007 when ExxonMobil president Rex Tillerson told shareholders that there are still too many “unknowns” to warrant meaningful and immediate action (or investment in renewable energy). So visit the Exxpose Exxon website to see how you can help call out and combat Exxon’s dirty doings.