Where to Vote
Nation reader Keith Kritselis wrote in about a new website he’s trying to publicize. The goal is simple and straightforward: to help voters find their polling place. Kritselis’ site makes it very easy to do. His database currently encompasses 72 percent of the polling places in the US, which is no easy feat, considering that many of them change year to year. For the other 28 percent the site provides local phone numbers where people should be able to obtain the information they need.

As Kritselis wrote, the site “has no political affiliation or agenda, and collects no personal information” Rather it’s a “small one man operation with no marketing dollars.” You would think there’d be some general goverment site where this info was available but it can actually be quite difficult to find, which makes Kritselis’ efforts even more impressive. His work shows what one person with a good idea can do these days, especially with the power of the new media. Click here to check it out.

Poll Watching
Looking for a way to protect the integrity of the votes this election? Visit Pollworkers for Democracy to find out how you can become a poll watcher in your area. There’s still time to sign up before Tuesday.