Thanks to Nation reader Keith Kritselis who wrote in to alert us to a new website he created that he’s hoping will help clear up some of the confusion caused by what looks like a spate of conservative attempts to keep just enough potential voters from casting their ballot next Tuesday.

The website’s goal is to help voters identify and find their polling place, which is especially important in the wake of news that local Republican poll watchers may try to bar people from voting in any form if they mistakenly show up at the wrong polling place.

As Kritselis writes, “our database of online poll locators has been slowly growing. We now can get 63 percent of the US population the exact location of their polling site in 4 clicks or less. For the other 37 percent we provide a local phone number which they cancall to receive the information they need…This is a small one man operation with no marketing dollars. Anything you can do to help get the word out would be greatly appreciated.”

Click here to check the site and circulate word about it to anyone you know who might need the information next week.