In an incredibly highly anticipated discussion with ESPN last night, NBA star LeBron James rejected New York and a host of other cities in favor of signing with the Miami Heat. The decision has cultivated so much hype that it warranted a discussion last night on The Rachel Maddow Show between guest-host Christopher Hayes, The Nation‘s Washington editor, and Nation sports writer Dave Zirin.

"Happy LeBronnukah, Chris" Zirin jokes, going on to discuss the varying levels of doom—both athletic and economic—implied by James’s impending relocation. "It’s bad for the NBA, it’s bad for the [players’] union. You know what? It’s bad for everyone, except for ESPN." And it’s especially bad for the city of Cleveland. "I mean, people joke that Cleveland has a LeBron-based economy, but there’s actually some truth to that," Zirin says.

—Carrie Battan