This past Sunday, 10/10/10, millions of people took part in 7347 related events in 188 countries to demonstrate their determination to work toward a low carbon future. People around the world concerned by climate change joined together to dig community gardens, install solar panels, plant trees, green roofs, weatherize low-income homes, pick up trash, lobby for mass transit funding, and much, much more.

“The only countries that aren’t taking part, we think, are Equatorial Guinea, San Marino, and North Korea. So it’s clearly the most widespread day of environmental action this planet’s ever seen,” founder of the campaign Bill McKibben said.

This short video gives a sense of the breadth of the day’s global activities.

The Nation‘s own special 10/10/10 slide show also demonstrates the creativity of the day.

In all cases though, the intent of the message to our political leaders was clear: "if we can get to work, so can you!" Learn more at and tell your elected reps that you expect them to take urgent action on climate change. has made it especially easy to take the message right to your leaders with a nifty new call-in tool.