Ari Berman’s cover essay for this week’s issue of The Nation is drawing some attention on the ground in Arkansas. Arkansas Blog focused on the money, noting Berman’s stats that Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter has taken the "money lead" in the race to unseat incumbent Democrat Senator Blanche Lincoln. The Arkansas public affairs blog Blake’s Think Tank covered Berman’s day on the campaign trail with Halter, while Blue Arkansas reported that "What’s Right With Arkansas" and the Halter-Lincoln race had national implications. Blogger jsamuel writes: 

[Berman’s] article brings up a few questions that have been on my mind. Can progressives from the northeast and west get excited about a candidate from the south Are progressives willing to do more than donate money to and vote for someone? Progressives are well known for their online activism. Can progressives translate that into volunteering on the ground where it really matters? Have you contacted your local campaign office and signed up for a shift?

You can read Ari Berman’s full story here