Is America better off now than it was a year ago? I’m sure everyone has a quick answer, but the Drum Major Institute’s Year in Review provides you with the hard facts, evidence, and analysis to back it up.

From changes in rules governing overtime to the proposed gutting of the Community Reinvestment Act, the DMI Review offers a scathing indictment of the national Administration.

In fact, with top-level support for the outsourcing of jobs and federal inaction on the skyrocketing costs of health care and higher education, this Administration showed a staggering disinterest in reversing the squeeze on America’s middle class, content to allow our nation to be divided into those with vast wealth and then everyone else.

At the same time, the Year in Review highlights the success of local organizations and policymakers from both parties to expand access to affordable prescription drugs, stall the steady encroachment of big-box mega-stores into middle-class communities, raise the minimum wage, and provide entry for immigrant children to attain a higher education–all of which the President would not do.

The DMI 2004 Year in Review also offers its take on the best and worst in public policy, a recap of the 2004 national election (how divided are we, really?), a 2004 Injustice Index (the real state of the union, by the numbers), report recommendations, a highlight of efforts on the frontlines in five states (from California’s struggle against Wal-Mart to Washington, DC’s struggle for taxation with representation), and more. Click here to download and circulate the full report.