Here’s what is interesting to me at this point:

Anti-war candidates appear to be doing exceptionally well. In Ohio, Sherrod Brown, the most clearly anti-war candidate in a competitive Senate race, has upset Republican Senator Mike DeWine. In New Jersey, Democratic Senator Bob Menendez, who staked his campaign on an anti-war message, has won.

In Kentucky, John Yarmuth, a Democrat who was especially blunt in his criticisms of the war, has upset entrenched Republican incumbent Anne Northrup. And I especially like what I am seeing from New Hampshire — no final results, but early numbers show anti-war Democrat Paul Hodes up 53-45 over Republican incumbent Charlie Bass in the 2nd district. In that state’s first district, where Democrat Carol Shea-Porter, who was dramatically outspent but who built a strong grassroots campaign based on her opposition to the war, is virtually tied with Republican incumbent Jeb Bradley.

I don’t know if Shea-Bradley will be able to pull out a win, but even if she finishes strong it is another signal that voters really are responding to anti-war messages.