Voters in 14 states are heading to the polls today, the single most important day of the primaries. As the results start coming in, it’s more crucial now than ever that we work to ensure that November’s election is fair, democratic, and brings real change to our country.

This week’s Take Action Now gives you ways to stand up for voting rights, get your neighbors out to the polls, and support candidates who are committed to building a progressive movement.

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With states across the country purging voters from the rolls, it’s up to us to make sure that we won’t be silenced at the ballot box. Check your voter registration status using Rock the Vote’s search tool and encourage others to do the same. Then, fight to make sure our democracy is protected from fraud and misinformation by calling on Facebook to stop airing Trump’s false advertising.


Making real change in 2020 is going to mean getting everyone out to the polls. Click here to learn more about how you can participate in Get Out the Vote efforts in your community. These efforts are also essential to secure key seats in local and state elections. Make calls before the end of the day to get Texas voters out to the polls to elect Jessica Cisneros to Congress. She’s running against an anti-choice Democrat who voted with Trump nearly 70 percent of the time in the previous Congress and has received lavish donations from Exxon, the NRA, and the Koch brothers.


Across the country, progressive organizations are mobilizing to build people power in the months leading up to November. Join MoveOn to learn how you can become a “Vote Captain” and commit to turning out 10 people in your social networks to vote in battleground states, or check out a People’s Action event to connect with other progressive voters in your community. Then, knock on doors with Let America Vote to get candidates who will stand up for voting rights into office, or sign up to host a voter registration drive with Rock the Vote.