Today Is a Big Day for the Internet

Today, a coalition of activists beat the well-funded cable lobby as the FCC voted to use Title II reclassification to preserve net neutrality.


The Activists Who Won Net Neutrality Must Defend It in 2016

The FCC has guaranteed net neutrality, for now. But special interests will try to elect a president to undo it.

John Nichols

What Does it Take for One Small City to Vanquish an Oil Giant?

Progressives in Richmond, California, trounced Chevron on Election Day, but the company remains a powerful local force.

Harriet Blair Rowan and Jimmy Tobias

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Obamacare: Too Small to Succeed?

The problems with the Affordable Care Act stem from government being too small and weak, not too big and powerful.

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Special Report

Fifty Years After Bloody Sunday in Selma, Everything and Nothing Has Changed

Racism, segregation and inequality persist in this civil-rights battleground.
Ari Berman

Congress can’t agree on much these days, but on February 11, the House unanimously passed a resolution awarding the Congressional Gold Medal—the body’s highest honor—to the foot soldiers of the 1965 voting-rights movement in Selma, Alabama. The resolution was sponsored by Representative Terri Sewell, Alabama’s first black Congresswoman, who grew… Continue Reading >

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