Today Is a Big Day for the Internet

Today Is a Big Day for the Internet

Today, a coalition of activists beat the well-funded cable lobby as the FCC voted to use Title II reclassification to preserve net neutrality.


The FCC voted today to protect net neutrality, and to use Title II reclassification (exactly what open Internet advocates have been demanding) to ensure that it sticks. That means that the Internet will remain an open playing field—no slow lanes and no fast lanes—where small non-profits, every-day people and independent media outlets like The Nation can compete against multi-billion dollar corporate giants.

A hearty congratulations is due to the organizers at Fight for the Future, Free Press, OpenMedia, ColorofChange, the Voices for Internet Freedom Coalition, the Center for Media Justice, the Media Action Grassroots Network, Demand Progress and the many other groups who have been at the forefront of this crucial fight.

Our own readers have also continually stood up for the open Internet. Over the past year, Nation readers sent thousands of comments to the FCC. When Congress threatened to get in the way just as the FCC was coming down on our side, they wrote to their elected officials. Finally, this past week they submitted messages and photos to be streamed on a giant Jumbotron right outside the FCC’s headquarters (you can check out some of those messages here).


Now that we’ve won, our friends at OpenMedia are using the net neutrality Jumbotron to stream celebratory messages and photos from this past year’s organizing. Click here to send along a quick message of support.


Although today is a big deal, we can’t afford to be complacent. John Nichols outlines the challenges that lie ahead to make sure that net neutrality is here to stay.


Check out Fight for the Future’s video of highlights from this year’s activism.

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