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  • September 30, 1999

    Swatting at Art

    After successfully attacking jaywalkers with curbside barriers and adult-oriented businesses with zoning curbs, New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani is now waging war on two fronts at once, to stamp o

    Art Winslow

  • September 30, 1999

    Standardized Schools

    Wielding high-stakes tests, a noisy alliance of politicians, corporate CEOs and media pundits seems intent on standardizing education, proclaiming that every kid in America should march in lockst

    Susan Ohanian

  • September 30, 1999

    Pat Buchanan’s Poison

    Pat Buchanan, the man who urged Ronald Reagan to visit the Nazi cemetery at Bitburg, is no stranger to charges of anti-Semitism.

    The Editors

  • September 30, 1999

    Noise From Underground

    For more information about Positive Force, or to send donations to the Arthur S. Flemming Center, write to Positive Force, 3510 North 8th Street, Arlington, VA 22201. Checks should be made payable to Emmaus Services for the Aging.

    Johnny Temple

  • September 30, 1999

    Money 2000

    The Nation Institute's Investigative Fund provided research assistance.

    Bob Dreyfuss


  • September 30, 1999

    Mickey & the Peep Show

    In 1980, amid debates about "cleaning up" Times Square, New York City Mayor Ed Koch warned, "New York cannot and should not become Disneyland.

    Wayne Hoffman

  • September 30, 1999

    Les √Čtrangers

    Sagesse (meaning "wisdom") LaBasse, the narrator of Claire Messud's second novel, The Last Life, is French-Algerian on her father's side and American on her mother's.

    Jay Parini

  • September 30, 1999

    Adieu, Dan Quayle

    Farewell, once more, J. Danforth Quayle.
    Although we know it's sad to fail,
    Remember, you were once obscure--
    Considered lightweight, immature.

    Calvin Trillin

  • September 23, 1999

    The Boys of Summer

    To the list of movie characters who look back on their lives from the Beyond, add Lester Burnham, the 42-year-old, dead narrator of American Beauty. He is a murder victim--so it would seem

    Stuart Klawans

  • September 23, 1999

    Sunstein’s Law

    He criticizes the liberal Warren Court for breaking new constitutional ground on too many fronts too broadly, while also giving no quarter to the constitutional theories of conservative Supreme C

    David Rudenstine