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Sweet Land of Liberty is a bold, if decidedly underdramatic, rewriting of civil rights history.

Barack Obama stands on the shoulders of many as he becomes the Democratic presidential nominee. One set of those shoulders belongs to Jesse Jackson.

Democrats have come a long way from the first Denver convention a century ago.

Several new books on Martin Luther King takes a closer look at the rhetoric and economic politics of the civil rights icon.

In Defying Dixie, Glenda Elizabeth Gilmore seeks to reclaim the radical origins of the modern civil rights struggle.

Is there more to racism in America than intolerance and immorality? Four books shed light.

No single person can be the agent of change: the vision must come from all of us.

"Change" is this year's Democratic battle cry, but if you don't know how it happens, you're not likely to make it happen yourself.

The civil rights movement that erupted in 1968 revealed in a few swift weeks white America's failure to respond to the nonviolence of Dr. King, and black America's recoil into despair and a violence of desperation.


Baldwin published his first piece in The Nation, and for many years thereafter continued to attack a system he thought as close to anarchy as to martial law.

August 10, 2013

How does the movie The Help "photoshop" American history?

February 27, 2012