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October 3, 2011

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Graham Usher on the Palestinians’ bid for statehood, Gary Younge on how riots begin and Daniel Imhoff on the farm bill


The power of community; CCP on voter ID; welcome, sluts!


Obama doesn’t have much time left to convince environmental activists that he’s worth their sweat and sacrifices in the next election.

The PA’s bid could mark a definitive break from the failed Oslo paradigm, which has brought Palestinians neither peace nor a state.

Kevin Gosztola on Cablegate’s newest revelations, Liliana Segura on Rick Perry’s executions and Richard Kim on Ahmadinejad’s plans to release the jailed American hikers


Why do the media believe that they must behave like idiots in order to be “fair” to the Republicans and their idiotic ideas?

Whatever the spark, social unrest is the predictable result of conditions like poverty, discrimination and police brutality.


Forty years after food activism took off around the globe, corporatism is stronger than ever.  But so is the grassroots push for control over our work, land, and seeds.

A truly democratic food system will need to rewrite the rules of our financial system.

The biggest threat we face is the control of seed and food moving into a few corporate hands.

Food is a good place to start to make change—but it’s only a start.

As the food movement has discovered, winning over the media, or even the president, is not enough.

As Zambia’s experience shows, solving hunger is not just about growing more food.

Can the retailer known for its poverty wages solve the problem of urban “food deserts”?

As Congress gears up to reauthorize the farm bill next year, the stakes are high.

Olivier De Schutter, the UN’s special rapporteur on the right to food, makes the case in this Q&A.

Seeking “food sovereignty,” Hugo Chávez puts oil wealth toward a local, sustainable food system.

Books & the Arts


Christopher Lasch and his quest for the moral resources of the next New Deal.


Why does John Ikenberry think the sorrows of liberal internationalism are temporary?


Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, Göran Hugo Olsson’s Black Power Mixtape 1967–1975, Tate Taylor’s The Help