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October 22, 2012

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Whatever disappointments progressives have with Obama's first term, we have a profound interest in the popular rejection of the Romney/Ryan ticket.

Adam Hudson on living under drones, Peter Dreier on Barry Commoner, John Nichols on Bill Moyers’s new film on ALEC

Disguised by its billionaire backers as campaign finance reform, California’s Proposition 32 would destroy the political power of unions.

Hobsbawm’s life and writings will long serve as an inspiration to those who believe that a knowledge of history is essential to working for a better world.


How right-wing Jewish organizatons misrepresent both the views and the influence of American Jews.

This election has posed a challenge of self-control for Republicans raised on a diet of welfare queens and Willie Horton.


The stakes in 2012 and beyond.

What a principled counterattack campaign against the GOP would look like.

Where their interests overlap, progressive politics can thrive.

In a second Obama term, we must organize to win a new social contract for a new economy.

While preventing a Republican triumph is imperative, we should have no illusions about Obama.

If he wins, he must use his platform and powers to tackle issues from global warming to nuclear arms control.

In this election and after, we need to write a new story for our changing nation that places care and connection at the center.

In the contest that comes after November, Obama will be on the wrong team.

A Romney presidency would rob progressive movements of the oxygen required to grow deeper and broader roots.

In four close Western races, the tribal population could tip the balance.

A consolidated publishing industry, along with the right-wing media machine, has fostered the market for extremist hit jobs.

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A philosopher’s broadside against Darwinism and materialism is mostly an instrument of mischief.


How the American right’s obsession with male status legitimated the transition to a neoliberal ethos.


The Partisan is a weak account of the career and legal thinking of a conservative and obstreperous chief justice.


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