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Dorian T. Warren

Dorian Warren is the president of Community Change, and cochair of the Economic Security Project. A progressive scholar, organizer, and media personality, Dorian has worked to advance racial, economic, and social justice for over two decades. He taught for over a decade at the University of Chicago and Columbia University, where he was codirector of the Columbia University Program on Labor Law and Policy. He also worked at MSNBC, where he was a contributor and host, as well as the executive producer of Nerding Out on MSNBC’s digital platform. He serves on the editorial board of The Nation magazine. As a commentator on public affairs, Warren has appeared regularly on television and radio including NBC Nightly News, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, BET, BBC, NPR, Bloomberg, and NY1, among other outlets. He has also written for The Nation, HuffPost, Newsweek, Salon, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Medium,, and Boston Review. He is also a cohost of The Nation’s System Check podcast.