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December 10, 2001


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William Greider deconstructs the WTO's agreement in Doha, Marc Cooper examines how Hollywood is answering the call put forth by the Bush Administration, Ralph Brave discusses attempts to govern the genome and Stuart Klawans reviews two new films about Afghanistan.


The Price Anderson Act has discouraged the development of safer, less costly sources of energy than nuclear power. Join your voice to those calling for Congress to not renew its status by signing this online petition.

NEW YORK--In the aftermath of September 11, pundits were quick to proclaim the American left a victim of the war on terrorism, for two reasons.

Argentina finds out it's not easy being the poster child of neoliberalism.

It's time for the United States to show as much commitment in the battle against global warming as it does in the "war on terror."

The WTO agreement is not a victory for the people; the corporations still rule.

Georgia judge rules that demonstrations against the SOA may proceed; Billy Graham's son, Franklin Graham, denounces Islam.

The sudden and unexpected collapse of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Attorney General John Ashcroft throws out Oregon's assisted suicide law, against the wishes of a majority of Oregonians and in defiance of a 1997 Supreme Court ruling.

The collapse of the Taliban means the focus there must shift to relief of its citizens.

Anthrax scare reveals racial denial: workers on Capitol Hill are evacuated and given protective drugs while exposed postal workers, most of them black, are forgotten.



Ronald Reagan celebrated them as "freedom fighters" for upholding "the ideals of freedom and independence" and declared a day in their honor.

George W. Bush wants to try terror suspects in in secret military courts. Guilt is presumed over innocence.

Stop the Presses

George W. Bush, whose administration is addicted to secrecy, wants presidential papers classified indefinitely, not for the usual 12 years.

Bush Administration hijacks the Constitution with the Patriot Act and military tribunals; our supine media wakes up (briefly); Congress sleeps


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We are all multilateralists now, or so President George W. Bush would have us believe.

Father Roy Bourgeois, the charismatic Maryknoll priest who has, since 1990, led the annual protest against against the United States' most infamous military training facility, wasn't sure it would

Which genetic modifications should be encouraged and which outlawed?

The Taliban may have met its match: the American Dream Machine.

The Institute for Creative Technologies makes Star Wars–type simulations for Army personnel

Books & the Arts


2 movie reviews: Jung (War) in the Land of the Mujaheddin; Kandahar


Book review: A Trial by Jury, by D. Graham Burnett


Book review: Contempt of Court, by Mark Curriden and Leroy Phillips Jr.,
Russell Neufeld


Theater review: Everett Beekin; Two Rooms