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April 26, 2004 Issue

  • Editorials

    Getting Out Every Vote

    How can progressives substantially increase the number of low-income voters in 2004--and why does it matter?

    Jeff Blum

  • The Trouble With 527s

    What should be done about 527s--those new organizations used primarily by Democrats (so far) to skirt the McCain-Feingold legislation passed in 2002?

    David Corn

  • Turning Point in Iraq

    When asked why the United States should not invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein, a prescient critic said, "Once you've got Baghdad, it's not clear what you do with it.

    the Editors

  • Letter From Ground Zero

    The Iraqi struggle for independence from American rule has begun in earnest.

    Jonathan Schell

  • The Cruelest Month

    Like mushrooms after a spring rain, signs pop up at this time of year in hardscrabble urban neighborhoods across the country, promising quick and easy money.

    Bobbi Murray

  • Bush, AIDS, Big Pharma

    When George W. Bush announced a $15 billion Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief in his 2003 State of the Union address, he compared the fight against AIDS to the war on terrorism.

    the Editors

  • Election Matters

    John Kerry is borne aloft by party unity and the overriding imperative of defeating Bush, but the senator has entered a perilous zone where the outcome may depend more on the content of his chara

    William Greider

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