Raffi Khatchadourian

Raffi Khatchadourian has written on militant Islam in Central Asia and
North Africa for several publications, including The Nation and The
Village Voice

Behind Enemy Lines Behind Enemy Lines

New scholarship sheds light on Osama bin Laden's rhetoric, charisma and complex religious and political vision.

Apr 27, 2006 / Books & the Arts / Raffi Khatchadourian

The Terror at Jaslyk The Terror at Jaslyk

In the desert steppe of northwestern Uzbekistan, great dust storms lift toxic pesticides into the air, and a powdery, desiccated brine known as the "dry tears of the Aral Sea" co...

Apr 13, 2004 / Feature / Raffi Khatchadourian

The Curse of the Caucasus The Curse of the Caucasus

When George Kennan set out for the Caucasus in 1870, few if any Americans had explored the highlands of Dagestan, Chechnya and the wild frontiers of imperial Russia. And with good ...

Oct 30, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Raffi Khatchadourian

Saying No to Nuclear Arms Saying No to Nuclear Arms

Calls for an end to nuclear weapons are growing--including in Washington.

Jun 6, 2002 / Feature / Raffi Khatchadourian

Letters Letters

NOT AN APOLOGIST FOR ISRAEL Brookline, Mass. His justifiable zeal to defend Palestinian rights leads Alexander Cockburn to call me an apologist for "policie...

Jun 6, 2002 / Letters / Alexander Cockburn, Raffi Khatchadourian, Jason Leopold, and Our Readers

Militants on the Steppes Militants on the Steppes

It was an early November morning when I met Gairam Muminov on the steps of a courthouse on the outskirts of Tashkent, the sprawling capital of Uzbekistan. He was leaning against a...

May 2, 2002 / Books & the Arts / Raffi Khatchadourian

Relearning to Love the Bomb Relearning to Love the Bomb

A move is on to blur the line between conventional and nuclear weapons.

Mar 14, 2002 / Feature / Raffi Khatchadourian

Letter From Uzbekistan Letter From Uzbekistan

Desperate to be rid of a repressive regime, many turn to militant Islam.

Jan 3, 2002 / Feature / Raffi Khatchadourian