How Rand Paul Could Have Profited From a Debt-Ceiling Crisis He Helped Create

At the height of the debt-ceiling debate, the senator failed to disclose his financial interest in a US default.

Scott Keyes

New Trade Deal Could Undermine Migrant Labor Rights

And it could deregulate “white collar” jobs.

Michelle Chen

For Many Americans, the Great Recession Never Ended. Is the Fed About to Make It Worse?

Why it’s a mistake for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates this year.

Connie M. Razza

Focus on the Fight for $15

New York Fast-Food Workers Win Their Fight for $15

A landmark executive move will serve the state’s fast-food workers some long-overdue justice.

Michelle Chen

Why Are Liberals Resigned to Low Wages?

Focusing on unsolvable problems excuses them from dealing with tough political problems.

Mike Konczal

Want a Living Wage? Work at McDonald’s… in Denmark

Can global solidarity between fast-food workers help raise the bar for all of them?

Michelle Chen

The Score

How the Rich Can Keep Their Homes, Businesses, Artwork, and Wealth Tax-Free—Forever

Dynasty trusts enable the wealthy to control their assets even beyond the grave.

Mike Konczal

The Stealthy Way Employers Keep Women Out of the Workforce

In the 21st century, the worker is still assumed to be a man.

Bryce Covert

The Proof That Centrism is Dead

Every story that centrists told about the recession turned out to be wrong.

Mike Konczal

Special Report

In Indiana, Employers Can Fire Workers for Being Gay or Trans—and They Do, All the Time

LGBT Americans now have the freedom to marry—but what about freedom from discrimination at work? That’ll take a new movement.
Tim Murphy

Gregory Gilmore loved his $40,000-a-year job as an assistant manager at Restoration Hardware in the Fashion Mall of Indianapolis. He’d worked there since 2006, when he and his partner moved back to Indy from Kentucky in order to be closer to family. He appreciated that the upscale furniture chain offered… Continue Reading >

Activists Unite

Tell the 2016 Presidential Candidates: Refuse Donations From Fossil-Fuel Companies

Join the campaign with The Nation and 350 Action.

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