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Paul Hockenos

Paul Hockenos, a writer living in Germany, is working on a book about Berlin.


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The security mania and spending orgy of our present-day Olympics were truly born that tragic September, forty years ago. 

The transition to a low-carbon future is ambitious and, so far, has been remarkably smooth.

The path is now open for Serbia’s entry into the Union. But Serbian society has just begun the hard work of coming to terms with the country’s role in perpetrating war crimes.

What makes it so lethal is that it has broad appeal—from the far left to the far right.

The EU's neoliberal economic reforms have undermined public faith in democratic politics.

The commemorations marking the fall of the Wall were joyous. But divisions still plague unified Germany.

Might a Deutschturke one day become chancellor of Germany? The prospect lies in the distant future.

Germany's leading left daily wins the fight to name a street after a leader of the 1968 student movement.

Joschka Fischer envisions a European alternative to American hegemony.