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Kelly Candaele

Kelly Candaele is a writer, a founding member of the Peace
Institute at California State University, Chico, and a trustee of the Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System.

He produced the documentary film, A League of Their Own, about his mother's years in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. His brother Casey spent nine years in the big leagues and was a player union representative for the Houston Astros.


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A conspiracy of management cronies is blocking 91-year-old union pioneer Marvin Miller from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Corporate America needs the discipline of democracy to help rid it of
some very bad habits. And shareholder activists are pushing the SEC to
shore up their rights.

The Democrats should start framing economic justice as a moral issue.

On September 29 in San Francisco, 4,000 hotel employees--all members of the newly merged union UNITE HERE--walked out on strike or were locked out of their workplaces after their contracts expire

Cultural changes and lucrative endorsements may explain a drop in activism.

The retail food workers strike in California may be the first in a series of battles that could shape the future of labor-management relations throughout the US.

In Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," Ebenezer Scrooge was forced to view his own death in order to gain some self-awareness of his life as the epitome of cruelty and selfishness.

Two years after a tragic accident, activists are celebrating a major victory.

When members of the LA janitors' union decided to go on strike this past
April, their success was far from guaranteed.