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George Joseph

George Joseph is a reporter, focusing on education and labor issues in New York City. He currently an undergraduate at Columbia University, concentrating in Education and Sociology. Follow him on Twitter @georgejoseph94.


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A Nation investigation reveals how a group of hedge funders are about to get exactly what they paid for.

In the wake of the Ferguson uprising, black students nationwide are indicting the state violence they face in American education everyday.

An internal memo reveals how TFA’s obsessive PR game covers up its lack of results in order to justify greater expansion.

Students fighting to improve campus sexual assault policies face indifference—or worse—from administrators.


Students band together to combat sexual violence on Columbia’s campus through direct action. 
The school would have to pay $35,000 per violation under the Clery Act.
If the Barnard administration takes the idea that adult women should have control over their bodies seriously, then students and RAs should...
A hopeful indication that the corporate narrative on education may finally be starting to unravel.
It seems that students and workers united are finally building the “Columbia community” that the administration often talks...
SFER, a student network that has exploded on more than 100 college campuses across the country since it was started in 2009, is an “...