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Doug Henwood

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Doug Henwood, who edits the Left Business Observer, is working on a study of the current American ruling class, whoever that is.


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Libertarians and leftists alike predict a world of competing digital currencies.

An elite nonprofit no one’s ever heard of has turned New York into a city of tall towers and tony boulevards.

I wish, just once, an endorsement of a Democratic presidential candidate would mull over some serious structural issues that are at stake.

Economists and wonks respond to Thomas Geoghegan's Nation essay “What Would Keynes Do?”

Fitch was a brilliant and prolific radical journalist and troublemaker.

The current economic crisis probably won't be the magic intervention to usher in a new era, but there are opportunities to advance the socialist cause.

Without an energized populace, expect nothing more humane than the rescue of a failing financial system.

Today's elite spend on a grand scale while pretending to be "just folks."

Veterans for Peace in Juneau greeted the Nation cruise when it docked in their city with a rally against the war.

When an ardently progressive magazine sponsors a cruise through the fragile waters off the coast of Alaska, the environmental, economic and human realities are ripe for contemplation.


Unions invested heavily in the campaign to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Was that a huge mistake?