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Ben Ehrenreich’s most recent novel is Ether.


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W.G. Sebald’s A Place in the Country.

A Russian novelist’s fight, in life and art, to see the world afresh in all its cruelty and splendor.

A novelist’s lyrical attempt to measure the immeasurable.

Frederic Tuten's Self Portraits is a backward glance on life that's vital, wistful and filled with sweet ache.

With C, Tom McCarthy asks us to see fiction as a crafty and adventurous playmate unafraid of its mortality.

Because of Gaza, "everything is tainted" in Israel, according to Gideon Levy.

At the US Social Forum, activists discuss how to meet basic needs—and take on the system.

At the US Social Forum in Detroit, activists from diverse backgrounds are making common cause.

The Latin American utopia has disappeared, says novelist and crackero Jorge Volpi, and he displays little nostalgia for it.