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Astra Taylor

Astra Taylor is the director of the documentary films Zizek! and Examined Life. She has written for Monthly Review, Adbusters, Salon, The Baffler, Bomb Magazine, n+1 and other outlets. She is the co-editor of the book Occupy!: Scenes from Occupied America (Verso). 


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Welcome to the new Wild West of data collection without regulation.

How for-profit colleges are allowing Wall Street investors to cash in, at students’ expense.

While the Internet may create space for many voices, it also reflects and amplifies real-world inequities in striking ways.

The campaign to buy and abolish debt was never intended to fix the debt crisis by itself. It’s an act of solidarity and an opportunity for public education.

Bereft of their big tent at Zuccotti Park, activists have found a unifying theme in debt.

Unless the movement gets more strategic about its image, it may end up talking to itself.

Banks trying to foreclose on homes are surprisingly vulnerable to direct action—a fact that Occupy Our Homes intends to exploit.

Disabled people march on Washington to protest policies that keep them out of sight, out of mind.