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Psychotropic meds and mass murder

I have read that every Swiss household has a loaded rifle in it. Also, that they don’t have a steroid-crazed LAPD harassing poor people and shooting wildly, out of jurisdiction, at elderly women trying to make a living. I, as a retired web developer, actually have a serious case against my police department. Indeed, I lived in San Pedro, California, at the time. Dorner and his best friend, er, Officer Evans (the face-kicker) rolled out of there. What happened to me was absurd, terrifying and utterly unlawful.

I choose not to fear poverty or poor people. So I am often yakking it up with random drug dealers I meet in headshops, or itinerant workers from down south. I have two pen pals in Ukraine. I am of Cossack ancestry; we were deliberately genocided by Lenin, the Bolsheviks and Stalin in numbers that ridicule Hitler’s Final Headcount. I believe I understand how tyranny by cop demoralizes people.

Add to that the pharma crisis. I am a former assistant professor of psychology, so I want add that I believe the underlying cause of many many phenomena we fail to understand is prescription psychotropic meds. The evidence is now conclusive. They cause these mass shootings, to a one.

Why are Americans not behaving like the Swiss? I have done my own research and I am fully convinced that it is pharma. I am ready for the Supreme Court. So is Jon Rappoport, though I haven’t asked his view on that!. The FDA is not going to enjoy the facts the nation is now aware of because his writings.

I hope we can restore dignity to human children. The drugs cause sleepwalking, which the FDA-designed patient inserts foolishly refer to as somnolence. Sleepwalking, sleepdriving, sleepshooting.

The young man who allegedly did the Sandy Hook massacre is said to have had had Aspberger’s syndrome. If so, it has nothing to do with a massacre. To massacre is to be psychotic. Yet, by definition, Aspberger’s is not a psychosis. If he was on pharma, then I’d bet the pharma made him do it. Same with the movie theater. Once can tell by the raised eyebrows of the accused. To my eye, that is a chemically driven facial tick, not a facial expression of emotion.

Time will tell. Serious business here. Thank you to Dr. Wintemute and the author of the piece for taking it as seriously as you do.

Caroline Collins, PhD

Monrovia, CA

Mar 13 2013 - 7:45am