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Why Should the Left Support Obama?

Obama will do more than just occupy the White House

After four years it’s hard to say that anyone has President Obama figured out. Compromiser-in=Chief? Friend of but scorned by Wall Street? Ruthless drone attacker? Man of halfway measures to cure full-on disasters?

Sure, he has great excuses: worst economic collapse in eighty years, a changed work environment that will never see resurgence of low-skilled or semi-skilled manufactuing jobs, united opposition of the wacko right and the super-rich, abetted by Fox and its media friends.

My final conclusion is that he tried to do what he felt was achievable in view of the all of the foregoing opposition. Sure, healthcare reform catered to providers and insurers; but he got healthcare. He got extended unemployment and COBRA when needed and aid to the states.

Could he have fought like hell? Sure. But the GOP would still have filibustered him to death.

The Republicans can achieve their primary goal, a lower tax burden on the rich at the expense of the common good. Their thirty-year assault on the tax code has succeeded in driving wealth upward. Obama is—and I believe will be, if he is re-elected—an impediment to their achieving that goal.

That, and Supreme Court appointments, means that Obama will have a valid function for four more years.

Asher Freid

Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Oct 18 2012 - 4:08pm