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NYC is overcrowded

As an American citizen born in NYC, I am very upset from what I am seeing here. The city is too overcrowded and more and more immigrants are trying to live in NYC every year. I have no problem with legal immigration; however, I think that there should be a cap on how many immigrants can live in NYC. I mean, how come these people can’t populate the Midwest, where they have plenty of room and they are begging for businesses out there? Immigration is not good for middle-class citizens in this city. I am making middle income and only have one child and I am going through a divorce and I am having a hard time finding housing in NYC. I cannot afford a house here and the waiting lists for middle-income housing has a long wait list or still has income requirements that are not realistic (I am talking about a waiting list for Michelle Lama housing that requires you to have an income of $73,000 a year though they only want to charge $900 a month for a two-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side. If I had 73000/year, I would not need government housing help). Everything in NYC is too out of reach for us citizens and it’s not fair. Immigration is just driving up the costs of housing. America, especially. NYC has really forgotten about their citizens who had grandparents and parents helped build this city and fight for this country. America has really fallen out of touch with its own citizens.


New York City

May 4 2013 - 10:44am

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