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Shut Up About the Jews Already...

Surely you jest

At last, an article that puts the role of the Zionist neocons with regard to the bulk of the American Jewish community into perspective (and it’s almost as bad in the UK). But why on earth the fantastically over-the-top start? I thought it must be a joke, but just in case it isn’t, I have to say that the dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are about as far removed from being crucial to the future of humanity as the color of my lipstick. If the author wasn’t being serious, then the joke should be made a bit more obvious. Otherwise, all the good stuff in the rest of the article is tainted by the opening hype.

I think that climate change, desertification, hunger, terrible poverty, the continuing wars, refugees, our destruction of our environment… all these are far more significant than the Israeli-Palestine conflict. I would totally agree that religious fanaticism has in the past and could well in the future lead to tragic and insane consequences. But a number of countries have had the Bomb for many years and all that happens is that we have these smaller conflicts. Horrible, indeed, and usually avoidable. If Israel dropped its nuclear bombs, then I would say that that would be the end of Israel in any Zionist sense. If Iran does get the bomb, then neither side will use it.

Devra Wiseman

Leatherhead, Surrey, ENGLAND

Oct 21 2012 - 6:56pm

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