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Of Saints and Caudillos: On Enrique Krauze

Neoliberal nostrums

I mistakenly thought I was at the Nation website but I came across a paean praising the neoliberal corporate capitalist Enrique Krauze. If Krauze claims an intellectual descent rooted in José Enrique Rodó and José Ortega y Gassett—both haters of the unwashed masses (or bottom 99.9 percent, as we currently put it in the United States), I truly wonder what in the world moved The Nation to praise such a dinosaur. Rodó was a patrician who sought to maintain the privileges of the republican elite against working-class interests and lambasted the United States at the height of the robber baron era for being too accomodating to the masses and for fostering any semblance of democratic change. José Vasconcelos was a lunatic theosophist who initially espoused a type of Fabianist lemon socialism that threw crumbs to the workers in order to keep true change at bay. Ortega y Gasset believed in the triumph of the individual will and the inherent superiority of the elite. Although he sat out the Spanish Civil War in exile, he let no one doubt that his loyalties were with Franco. Paz was a typical señorito who briefly embraced the left to annoy his parents and then badmouth leftist for the rest of his life.

To associate Krauze with a "transition to democracy" in Mexico is a colossal joke. Democracy still has not arrived in Mexico, Krauze is still a neoliberal, and as long as people who listen to Krauze run Mexico, it will remain a third world country and playground for US tourists and corporate interests.

Rick Mc Callister

Dover, DE

Dec 8 2011 - 4:44pm

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