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I’ve been pushing various venues and web sites, including here telling people to hit the streets, that we don’t need to pick an issue. There’re so many. I e-mailed info@barackobama telling him to get on board, or the train is leaving the station. I disagree strongly with Michael Moore that there’s no difference between the parties, minor though they seem at times. An Obama operative called and angrily agreed with me when I said the left had ourselves to blame while we waited for Messiah Obama to do it for us. We should have hit the streets two years ago to demand single-payer and get a public option. Obama had reiterated FDR’s line, “You must make me do it.” We didn’t. Talked to each other in small groups. If that. Preaching to the choir. A great loss was Bill Moyers and Now from PBS. Poof! purged in one night, who did cover demos around the country, along with World Focus, which had the only live coverage, via Al Jazeera of the Gaza war of ’08. I clicked on the Occupy America, expecting a map or mention of locations of demos around the country. Nada. Elsewhere, first it was NYC and LA. (Bicoastal snobbery?) Then Boston, Seattle, San Francisco. Somewhere I found a site that listed Houston, Jackson, Mississippi, and numerous ones all over the country. I’m from NC originally and wasn’t surprised to hear about Durham, where a friend has a pied à terre; there’s a large gay population, art galleries, locavore restaurants. closed-down cigarette factories all boutiqued up. Raleigh, demos, Charlotte, especially outside B of A. What surprised me last night (haven’t looked today) was none in Chapel Hill, where Southern whites like me were in the civil rights movement (and no one wants to hear about it, even though half of the main drags crossroads is now MLK Blvd.). Perhaps too many golf-playing Yankee Republican retirees. Keep them in mind as you look at voting stats. Blue-collar folks in HIllsborough, fancied up name for HIllsboro, at a diner that serves decent grits, eat together, black and white, as a black woman cop stands outside picking her teeth. Same in the eastern part of the state, which used to be KKK country. Black and white farmers eating lunch together, cracking jokes at the same tables. Menus in Spanish. I want to hear more about what’s going on all over the country. How about setting up a page where people could report in from wherever on whatever’s happening in this movement, as Occupy America suggested it would do? Not blaming you. No one has any money.

April Wolff

New York, NY

Oct 7 2011 - 12:19pm