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No longer voting WFP

This morning I officially withdrew my support for the Working Families Parties. From now on, when I want to vote for a Democratic candidate, I will vote under the Democratic line, not the Working Families Party line. For progressive candidates, I’ll go Green.

With this latest endorsement of Governor Cuomo, it is now clear that the Working Families Party exists as nothing more than a proxy vote for Democrats, regardless of a candidate’s positions on the issues. Yes, Governor Cuomo has some progressive policies, including his support for same-sex marriage, gun control and abortion rights. But his favorable attitudes toward businesses and banks are regrettable. What’s more, his treatment of educators and public education is deplorable. His property tax cap has left schools scrambling for resources, and his education policies are ones that only test publishers and prep companies could love. Simply put, his policies have hurt New York children, and that is unforgivable.


Massapequa Park, NY

Jun 3 2014 - 8:47am