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How Low Can Honduras Go?

Corporate interests trump democracy for Obama

The article regarding the continuing human rights violations in Honduras carefully omits that the military coup that replaced the democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya has been supported by the Obama administration. The story is interesting. Obama initially condemned the coup, although he did nothing substantive to reverse it. Soon, however, the administration (essentially alone in the world) became a de facto supporter of the coup and the new president Porfirio Lobo installed through rigged elections by the military. The answer to the mysterious change of heart of Mr. Obama was provided by the Wikileaks diplomatic cables that revealed the mounting pressure that was placed on the administration by the US Chamber of Commerce, which wanted to make sure that Zelaya the moderate leftist reformer is kept out of their way of Honduran and US corporate interests. Not the king of change that we hoped for…

Tibor Koos

Newark, NJ

Oct 15 2012 - 10:35pm

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