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False Prophecy and Real History in the Mideast

Seek and ye shall find

I am a member of a Southern Baptist Congregation. I do not now attend services because liberals have taken over the production of lesson material. Replacement Theology exist in the Southern Baptist Organization. What is Replacment Theioogy? The “church body” has become the new ‘Israel’. These folks believe Israel today is just a ‘piece of land’. It is however, difficult to see a spiritual side of ‘Today’s Israel’. The Orthodox Jews have resented any writing that is not Hebrew. The Orthodox Jews should realize that when Greek became the world language after Daniel, under God’s direction, wrote the Greek alphabet for the world. The world did not know Hebrew writings. The world at that time was hungry for the word of God. The Greeks were writing in myths and legands because they were writing from stories that they had heard about Hebrew history. The Orthodox Jews have bottled up the word of God with their traditions. If any Jew or gentile would seriously ask God to show that person how to find the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, I am sure God would lead that person to God’s truth.

Cal Fink

Troy, IL

Sep 30 2012 - 5:29pm

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