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The Eurozone Meltdown [nid:164884]

A generation's sacrifice in vain

Many thanks to Alexander Cockburn for his clear and insightful analysis of the euro issue. I could not agree more with what he says in “The People vs Europe” [print title].

As a long-time reader of European magazines and newspapers, I am embarrassed for the foolish French and others who think that their countries should willy-nilly just give up their sovereignty to faceless, unelected technocrats in Brussels, plus the Germans. For what reason? you may ask. They are doing so to bow down before the needs of the multinational banks, Goldman Sachs and their stock/bondholders. They even understand that they will be “punished” from now on if they dare, as a country, run their economies in any way that displeases those technocrats and Germans.

How many people died to secure the sovereignty of France, for example, in WWII? Even after France had officially thrown its sovereignty away via the illusions of Pétain, who also believed in the mission of Germany to “instruct” the other countries in Europe on how to behave.

This time, the German need for order is secondary to the fact that any democratic possibilities in Europe are gone once countries pledge their rights away to those faceless, undemocratic technocrats working for the rights of the banks over the people.

It is all so sad to see, after so many died decades ago to protect the now-ignored sovereignty.

Jeanette Marie Pontacq

Point Reyes Station, CA

Dec 10 2011 - 9:11pm