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Our boot on their necks

Thank you so much for the article on the enemies behind the door. As Pogo said, the “enemy is us.” However “us” is not the average North American citizen. It is the vast corporatocracy that governs us. It surely does not serve the welfare of the citizens of the US and its handmaiden Canada to crush the propects of a decent standard of living for the people of Africa or Latin America.

The people of the Middle East have had the US/Israeli boot on their necks for the last sixty years. Now we have the spectacle of the Canadian government avowing that they are a greater friend, and supporting any move of the “apartheid” government of Netanyahu to crush any hope of a Palastinian state as laid down by the UN in 1948. It is easy for the forces of Canada, US or Israel to push buttons to rain death in the form of white phosphorous on hospitals, schools and homes in Gaza. These people in Palestine and elsewhere do not have the means to do that. So we can expect more 9/11s, Boston Marathons, Air Indias and the like. When when one of our school buses is destroyed by an IED, will John Baird or Stephan Harper recognize where the fault lies?

Thomas McDowell

Mission, BC, CANADA

Apr 16 2013 - 3:10pm