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Let’s change our plutocracy first, before we mess with religion

The Catholic Church evolved alongside monarchical rule for centuries. Getting rid of the pope will not change things. Monarchical rule has morphed into plutocratic rule (i.e., rule by the wealthy). Along the way we were once a democracy, which has largly morphed into a plutocracy. Asking our president to step down would not change the way things are politically, and economically, nor will it change the Catholic church if the pope were to abdicate. The church like other major institutions has learned a lot from the corporate world, reflected in the way it and colleges and universities “do business.” If all corporate CEOs stepped down, it wouldn’t change the fact that “the bottom line rules” and trumps fairness, integrity, distributive justice, equal rights for all.

Joshua Krasnoff

Southern California

Sep 26 2013 - 4:33pm