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Clean, renewable energy can work with the coal and oil industry, to generate and sustain electricity for many generations. Coal and oil are non-renewable resources, that means that this resource will run out. Therefore, we must embrace renewable energy resources to sustain us. However, solar and wind cannot supply us with all of our energy needs so we will need oil, gas, and coal. If we disregard the efficiency and reliabilty of clean energy sources, then we lose all the way around. Not to mention, that if the US does not gain ground in the clean energy industry, the rest of the world will, regardless of what we decide. We need to compete and lead this market! We have excellent solar and wind resources in our country, we need to utilize them! We must change our collective understanding of these resources, get folks educated instead of swallowing the propaganda BS that is given by Big Coal and Big Oil lobbyists!

Ashley Clayton

Atlanta, GA

Nov 21 2009 - 7:36pm

Web Letter

Prediction number 1: the first effect of cap-and-trade clean energy legislation will be to further wipe out all electrically intensive manufacturing jobs in the US.

Number 2: our economy will then suffer chronically under the need to continue subsidizing poorly efficient electrical generation systems.

doug brockman

Springfield, MO

Nov 19 2009 - 7:37pm

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