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The New Slave Owners' War

The United Corporations of America Want You
We want you to buy at the company store
We want you to spill your blood for oil
We want you for the new slave owners’ war.

We will tell you what to say and what to think
By owning all the media, newspaper and ink
And refusing to give time to the people’s voice
We will monopolize it all so you have no choice.

Subversion, acts designed to undermine or overthrow the authority of a ruling power.
Conduct directed against the state or against those exercising authority, see Sedition

We want you to fight the authority of the state
Cripple its ability to regulate
Listen to us deny as all the plants and animals die
And say that global warming is just a lie.

Sedition: conduct directed against the state or intending to excite disaffection with it and with those exercising authority. Such conduct generally takes the form of writing, publishing, or making speeches inciting citizens to overthrow established governmental authority.

Listen to the messages on radio and TV
Listen to how we twist the truth and lie
Give the corporations your allegiance, not the state
Turn against your government before it’s too late.

Treason, criminal offense involving the attempt, by overt acts, to overthrow a government to which the offender owes allegiance, or to betray the state to a foreign power. Incitement of citizenry to overthrow a government, see Sedition

I pledge allegiance to the United Corporations of the Americas
Those new rulers who live in mansions offshore
Whose private armies, air forces and marines.
Rule the universe now and forever more.

Insurrection, organized, armed rebellion against an established government or civil authority.

Rest in Peace, America
Thou shining light upon a distant shore
Your light will now shine from the board rooms
Of the Corporations of Coal and Wall Street and Oil.

June 27, 2010
With definitions from Microsoft Encarta.

Linda Schreiber

Anderson, CA

Jun 27 2010 - 5:10pm

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