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What price defense?

I am not a committee person, but this committee sounds like another attempt by Congress or the administration to cover their rear ends, so they doesn't have to make hard decisions by themselves. Going back to the last Bush administration, they had a civilian advisory group in the Defense Department composed of supporters of defense contractors. The current Republican candidate for the Senate in California bragged that she had been an adviser for the CIA. This woman outsource 32,000 computer jobs to China.

You can save a bundle of money dumping all of the Star Wars missile defense systems that don't work. You can get rid of all those private defense contractors. Indeed, get all private contractors out of the government. The profit motive does not belong in government.

I haven't regarded China as a military threat since taking some courses in Chinese history in the late '60s. As for Russia, despite their recent inept attempts at espionage, I don't regard them as a military threat. I have always regarded NATO as a defensive alliance, and there is no good reason to move into Russia's sphere of influence. I want out of NATO!

However, there are good reasons to be diplomatically involve in the Far East and the Indian subcontinent. Besides Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, two nuclear nations, are involved in a cold war. There are still bad memories from WWII with regards to Japan that make their neighbors nervous. The main reason we are still in the Korean Peninsula is because North Korea needs to be deterred.

I'll tell you a secret! We could not fight a two-front war with an all-volunteer army, and it certainly doesn't help that our industrial base is outsourced overseas.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Jun 29 2010 - 4:55pm