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I think the consternation over a war with Iran is overblown.

Besides the usual caution signs (overextended military...politicians and media more vigilant after Iraq debacle...no support from allies abroad), I would add this: Despite all our war-mongering, chest-thumping bravado, the United States hasn't attacked or invaded anyone our own size since World War II.

Alan Grossberg

Washington, D.C.

Feb 23 2007 - 2:33pm

Web Letter

They should definitely check the serial numbers of those mysterious "weapons from Iran."

Could be the very ones we sold them when Reagan was president.

Ann Banks

New York, New York

Feb 20 2007 - 11:41pm

Web Letter

It makes strategic sense to block the supply lines within the Iraqi borders; however, it's not logical to blame the government of Iran for smuggling weapons. A government does not officially sponsor all entities within its borders.

The U.S. has many illegal arms dealers and weapons smugglers. American weapons can be found globally in skirmishes and wars. Yet, various nations aren't declaring war against us.

Our streets are flooded with illegal weaponry. Militant fringe groups in rural America have their own armories hidden from government control. The U.S hasn't blocked and subdued the supply lines within our own borders.

The editorial mentioned our inability to stop Cambodian supply lines during Vietnam. We were also unable to stop Chinese lines in Korea, drug routes in South America and North America, and the escape route of Osama bin Ladin.

Iraq was never within Bush Jr.'s grasp. It slips even further every time the president points and blames others for his mistakes.

Jerie Leep

Vian, OK

Feb 16 2007 - 9:06pm

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