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Call Feingold, Boxer, Sanders and other progressive senators, and demand that they filibuster this new blank check for Bush! We need to be in the face of cowardly democrats and make life miserable for those wimps who can't bring themselves to take the serious steps necessary to prevent more of our soldiers from dying.

Gene Martinez

Minneapolis, MN

May 23 2007 - 2:45pm

Web Letter

Please, don't call your Senator. It is useless. Our Senators understand neither democracy nor business nor their duties.

If our Senators knew what they were doing, they would have outlawed lobbying in Washington, DC, a long time ago.

Our Senators forget who they are working for. They are representing the people, not any lobbying group or special interests.

Most of you admire your kids, but would you take them to your job? No! Why? They would keep interrupting you all the time and would impede your productivity what would eventually harm your kids.

The same is valid for the lobbying group in Washington. They keep interrupting and distracting our lawmakers.

If the tax credits or other kind of business favors earmarked for oil companies or off-shore businesses or any other special interests were good for our country, those businesses have to stop paying the lobbying groups and advertise in our media to inform all Americans why such move is good for our country. Why just educate our lawmakers, educate the whole country and then we will elect the people willing to protect the American interests.

It is visible even from the moon what should be done urgently.

Our Senators have saddled our country with 9 trillion dollar national debt, what at 5 percent interest rate demands 450 billion dollars every year just to service the debt, what means we would pay that money (equal to the cost of running 4-5 additional Iraq wars simultaneously) eternally even if we managed to balance the budget and stopped increasing the national debt recklessly. All that money is the money taken away from the tax payers either directly or through the benefit cuts.

We have to increase the taxes, not just to balance the budget but to create a budget surplus what could be used to start paying off the national debt.

Now, who should pay that tax increase? I would be really glad to recommend that all the Americans chip in proportionately, but it is impossible. The middle class and the poor are so heavily burdened that they are teetering at the verge of bankruptcy. Any family which has $20k-$40k in credit card debt lives far above its means and any additional burden can distroy their financial solvency. We have to protect those people to keep our economy going.

Who can afford to pay additional taxes? The answer is more than obvious--the rich and the big corporations.

Of course, the tax increase would make them stutter a little bit, but those problems would be helpful in eliminating a much bigger problem--current and future illegal immigration.

It seems right now that we are running astonishing budget deficit and national debt in order to be able to bring in dozens millions illegal immigrants and to be able to invest heavily into competing economies like China and India.

Is it a sane policy?

Protecting our country's economic future would demand a little bit of patriotism not only from our all-volunteer military.

Is it reasonable to expect good leadership from political parties that failed to deliver during last twenty-five years?

Not really.

The best bet for regular Americans would be the creation of a third, centric independent party that would increase competition on American political stage.

As you already know, the more competition the better benefits you can expect.

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 23 2007 - 9:10am

Web Letter

Are we smarter than a fifth grader?

Our federal debt is almost 9 trillion dollars. The current interest rate we pay on this debt is 5 percent, which means that we would pay $450 billion every year from now till eternity just to service it even if we balanced our federal budget immediately.

That’s equal to the cost needed to run additional four or five Iraqi wars simultaneously.

It means that our Senators are more irresponsible than the most reckless hippies of last century.

Our Senators being conservative?!

What are we waiting for?

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

May 22 2007 - 4:44pm

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