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The sad thing to me is that we don't raise our daughters or sons with the Christian Commandments or morals that are given to us by our Creator (God, Allah, etc., He has many names). If we did, we would tell them, especially if we call ourselves "Christians," the dangers of sleeping around, period. I taught my two sons the hazard of sleeping with loose women and the consequences of adultry and/or fornication. They are aware of the over thirty-six sexually transmitted deseases and by setting the example of a celibate divorced mother, who refuses to get caught up in this toxic sex craze in this country/world, I am proud of my strong willed Holy Spirit to resist.

When you sleep with whomever you choose outside of your husband, tonight and then tomorrow someone different, the next day, who knows, you and your Spirit are sleeping with that person(s). The Holy Spirit dwells within us, and not on the outside of us.

Let us hear the conclusion to the whole matter. Adultry and Fornication is a sin. Period... You sleep around and you get whatever is out there. So, What is our choice? To be Holy or ??????

Maybe our children should read Proverbs and the adults should also read Proverbs.

Diane A. Hicks

Washington, DC

Oct 9 2007 - 5:45pm

Web Letter

I understand that this article is two years old, but I felt like adding a little comment onto this article. Women aren't just getting cervical cancer at 60 (as the article stated), they are getting cervical cancer from the HPV virus as young as 19 and 21 years of age. My best friend/roommate was diagnosed with cervical cancer linked to the HPV virus last year at the age of 19. Another member in my sorority was diagnosed with cervical cancer at 21. Many more people have had problems due to HPV virus complications, that is why I strongly urge that women everywhere get this vaccine. I personally have never been sexually active and have one more round of the Gardacil vaccine that will be finished in August. The vaccine is a little pricey, but most insurances are starting to pick it up. Even with it's price of $125 per shot (3 shots total), it is easier than living day by day not knowing if the cancer will spread throughout your entire body or wonder if you will ever be able to have children. These women are barely adults and are pressured to deal with bigger issues than most. As a best friend, it is hard for me to not help out a sickly friend, but this situation leaves me helpless. I never want anyone to have to go through what these strong and beautiful women have gone through.

To add on to the main point of the article: I am Catholic and I guess the church ought to hate me for getting the vaccine, but I believe God will forgive my faults because I am human.

Adriana Andreou

Westmont, IL

May 31 2007 - 3:16am

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