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There have been numerous calls from the left for Sestak to defet Senator Specter. Sestak has just attacked the senator for Specter's opposition to the war in Afghanistan. I like it!

As long as the Taliban have a policy of throwing battery acid into little girls' eyes as a punishent for wanting to go to school, this is a progressive war.

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Dec 5 2009 - 1:34am

Web Letter

Where can we find the pony in the dung at the Augean stables? Or, why are we in Afghanistan? Let us count the reasons they give us;

1. They'll get us here if we don't get them there.
2. 9/11
3. Support democracy, women's rights.
4. "They tried to kill my father"--whoops, that was George Bush on why he invaded Iraq.

OK, let's look into the smokescreens they toss up.

"They" can get us from anywhere in the world. The 9/11'ers prepared in Dresden and the US. Do we need to invade and occupy many countries before we begin to feel secure? (Let's face it, many Americans will never feel entirely secure: gated communities, yachts etc. and assorted high living for some has given our rich ruling class the jitters.

And then there's 9/11, they (the Muslims, the Osamaites, the terrorists, the Saddamists) blew up the WTC and we need to wreck revenge. Forever? Everywhere?

Women's rights, democracy. They say women's rights; I say oil and gas. They say democracy; I say world rule. (Our imperialists are always cloaking their aims in high-falutin' terms!)

Let's cut to the chase. We're there because of the energy supplies that are there and the pipelines that bring these goodies to the USA.

"9/11, their answer to everything--oil and gas, my answer to everything."

Howard Kaplan

Belmont, MA

Dec 3 2009 - 6:04pm