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Sure, blame it on Israel.

After more than fifty years, the Palestinians can't have an economy or government without a dole. No money for civil servants without charity. Too bad.

Perhaps if they stopped blaming Israel, accepted reality and stopped shooting each other and blowing up people and, rather worked on creating an economically feasible country, they wouldn't be in this fix.

When the settlers vacated Gaza, instead of moving into the greenhouses and keeping the economy working, they decided instead to lob missiles into Israel. Smart move? I don't think so.


Surfside, Florida

Mar 8 2007 - 3:00pm

Web Letter

I agree with the previous letter. Until the Palestinians accept the reality of Israel, there is no sense in blaming Israel for the lack of progress. Nor is it wrong for the Quartet to demand that funding of a government should be predicated upon that government developing a civil society capable of making peace with its neighbors.

I do not want my tax dollars providing support for a society and a government that values creating suicide martyrs and targeting civilians. That the Palistinians have suffered and continue to suffer I have no doubt, but they must accept responsibilty for their predicament and come to the realization that fifty years of stuggle to destroy Israel has failed and gotten them nowhere.

Accept reality and stop blaming others for their failure.

Steven Bailin

Urbandale, Iowa

Feb 26 2007 - 3:20pm

Web Letter

Why doesn't the current PA government call Israel's bluff ?

"We the elected representatives of the Palestinian people recognize the reality of previous negotiation with the State of Israel. Israel is a recognized legal entity. The Palestinian government does not saction violence as official policy. Our goals are to obtain justice for our people. We are not giving up our goal of a Palestinian state, return of refugees or any other rights. "

This would be more than enough to open the donors' pockets and relieve the financial suffering of the common people.

Perhaps the real problem is not issuing this type of statement. But in fact the PA does not believe any form of Israeli government is acceptable, that any negotiation is treason and that violence is legitimate. Sometimes words mean what they say.

David Eisenberg

Seiad Valley, CA

Feb 23 2007 - 4:43pm